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Individual Narcotic RECORD BOOK 3

We have several book formats to meet all your record keeping needs. All of our softbound record books can be fitted for use with a hard cover binder for more durability.

This Individual Narcotic Record Book 3 is an 8.5 x 11 inch softbound book that contains only Shift Count Record Pages:

  • Shift Count Record Pages - 100 ea.
  • Corresponding Note Pages - 100 ea.
The Shift Count pages document the accuracy of the drug/medication counts. NOTE: This book does not contain "Index" pages, "Shift Count" pages, "Emergency Drug/Medication Supply" pages, "Drug/Medication Administration Record" pages, or "Drug/Medication Disposition" pages.
NOTE: This books does not contain any sections other than Shift Count Record Pages. If you need other sections you may want to compare all the IND books (see link below).
Available In Different Colors And Designs!
Presently available in Burgundy, but can be requested in any color (contact us). Need a specific form or layout? Want a customized look or color scheme? Want to include your company name, logo, pictures, graphics, etc.? Send an email with your request and we will work with you to provide an affordable option to meet your individual needs.

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