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Visit Tracker
Scheduling & Reporting System
by: Targeted Information Management Systems

Federal statutes mandate that newly admitted patients must be seen once every 30 days for the first 90 days stay in a nursing home / Long Term Care Facility, and once every 60 days after the first 90 days. This software application provides an easy to use system for tracking Doctor visits and verifying compliance.

This system includies;
  • A database for archiving pertinent information
    • Patient Information
    • Doctor Information
    • Admissions Information
    • Recent Visit Information
    • Notes For Dr.
  • Real time tracking of all patients in the facility
  • Monitors length of time between Doctor visits
  • Variety of reports and forms that can be used for many purposes
    • Dr. Round Notes
    • Patient Vital Information
    • Patients To Be Seen List
    • Automated Fax Page to Dr.
  • Alerts the user via color codes as the number of days between visits increases
    • Yellow = Awareness - required visit approaching
      Orange = Caution - required visit due now
      Red = Warning - required visit overdue

Trying to maintain this information and schedule Doctor visits without this application is impossible at worst and difficult + time consuming at best. Without a reliable tracking system, it's almost certain that someone will unintentionally get missed, resulting in being out of compliance.

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