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"Words Going Around"

"Oh My Word"
word / card game
by: Juju Bean Games

When it's time for fun, think outside the box and reach for "Oh My Word" word / card game! "Oh My Word" is the premiere word / card game that let's you think and play outside the box!

Most traditional games confine you to a game board, cube, grid, or a box. Not any more! With "Oh My Word," there are no physical confines, no boards, no grids, no cubes, and definitely no boxes! The magic of "Oh My Word" is that the dynamics of the game are built into the cards, not a game board or other physical limitations. Therefore, the players control every aspect of the game, not the game controlling them!

Don't waste lots of time staring at a board, cube, grid, or a box looking for a way to make a play! Don't let your opponents box you in or box you out! Liberate yourself to focus on playing the game, not staring at the playing field! The possibilities for game play are virtually endless and limited only by your imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness!

It's perfect for 2 to 6 (or more) players, ages 12 and up (and younger kids with a little help). Start by downloading the "Battle of Words" quick start guide below to see how much fun it can be!

"Oh My Word" is not just one game, but is 12+ games in one! You can play any of the games with the same deck of cards!

One of the most fun and exciting games ever created is "Battle of Words!" It comes in quick start, basic, and advanced versions. The basic version can be mastered in a matter of minutes and is fun for the entire family. The play consists of forming words, lengthening existing words, combining words and stealing words from your opponent(s). The advanced version is easy to learn but will stimulate and challenge even the most astute word gamers. In addition to the basic play, there are 20 action cards that create all kinds of excitement and dynamics between the players. In either version, each player competes for high score through word values, word length values, bonus letter values, bonus word values, other word bonuses, and the number / quality of words acquired by the end of the game.

You can also play the following;
  • "Cross Words" - plays similar to a crossword puzzle game.
  • "Play on Words" - plays similar to a 3-D crossword puzzle game.
  • "Finding The Right Words" - plays similar to a cubed word game.
  • "The Last Word" - plays similar to a word jumble or word search.
  • "Simple Words" - plays similar to solitaire, but played with words.
You can even play poker style games that involve many more strategies and scoring options, such as;
  • "Word For Word" - plays similar to Texas Hold 'em.
  • "Keep Your Word" - plays similar to 7-Card Stud.
  • "Choose Your Words" - plays similar to 7-Card Draw.
  • "Hold Your Words" - plays similar to 7-Card No Draw.
  • "A Few Words" - plays similar to 7-Card No Peek.

In addition, you get "Your Words, Not Mine" which creates several more variations of game play, allowing you to play many of the games backwards! Rather than competing for high score, each player competes for low score by transferring their words / scores to other players.

It's The Greatest Game of All Times! Once you play it, you'll know why, because you too will become addicted and want to play regularly. Whether you play with one other person or several people, it's always fun, fast, fresh, exciting, stimulating, engaging and most of all, entertaining!

Collector's Item: When you purchase "Oh My Word," you will be acquiring a collectible game. The design of the cards will be changed periodically, resulting in limited edition printings. We can also feature your custom image on the back side of the cards, allowing you to make your own limited edition versions. Great for gifts, company promotions, rewards, fund raisers, family reunions, etc. Contact us if you're interested.

IMPORTANT: Check our web site regularly as we are in the process of developing additional games that can be played with these cards. Don't think of it as a purchase, but rather an investment in your (and your family / friends') future game playing happiness!

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