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From CEOs to charge nurses, employment in healthcare will involve and require management skills at every level. Whether you want to be a manager or not, it's a virtual certainty that you will. Unfortunately, for the most part, people in the healthcare industry are not properly trained for managerial responsibilities.

Effective management and leadership skills in the healthcare industry are some of the most overlooked and demanding skills that you will ever learn. They are skills that are essential for your success. Let Leadership Secrets For Healthcare show you how to accomplish more with less by developing self-leadership in others!

This short, powerful and focused model for developing management and leadership skills will help you and those around you through mastering topics such as;

  • Solutions to management problems
  • Dividing and conquering problems
  • Management versus Leadership
  • Leading others to lead themselves
  • What catastrophism is and how to avoid it
  • Effective reprimanding and praising
  • Treating the cause of the problem, not the symptoms
  • The two can't rules
  • Championing good causes
  • Cutting your losses
  • Dealing with time wasters
  • Recruiting, interviewing and hiring made easy
  • Benefitting from employee input and feedback
  • Keeping the odds in your favor

Effective management and self-leadership skills can be easily learned and applied. Volume I of Leadership Secrets For Healthcare will show you how to gain better results and greater success through others. After all, it's people who are responsible for getting everything done in the work place. People are the greatest resource in any organization and ultimately the best place to invest.

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