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Finding Forever Love

T. A. Llynn's riveting romance novel takes you on an unforgettable journey of broken promises, betrayal, shattered dreams and impossible chances. Buckle yourself in for an adrenaline filled roller coaster ride of emotions, drama, suspense, and the joy of finding forever love..


Tracey made a mistake in her senior year of high school that would cost her dearly. Pregnant and abandoned by her family, she landed in the arms of Brad Culbertson. Brad wasn't a perfect man, but Tracey believed he would change for her. For a while he did and they became the quintessential Mormon family.

In time, Brad became the embodiment of pure evil and controlled every aspect of her life. The monster's alcoholism and rage careened out of control, threatening to destroy her life. Isolated from family, friends and the church, she found herself completely alone with no identity of her own, subject to the will and pleasure of the monster.

Tracey's life takes an emotional roller coaster ride through the depths of hell as she musters the strength and courage to escape from the monster's lair, in search of a better life. Unable to bear her leaving, the monster assures her that if he can't have her, nobody will.

Escaping from the home that had become her prison, she must start a new life for herself and her four young children, while staying clear of the monster. She finds safety and temporary solace with her parents in rural Arkansas.

Overworked, with no time to socialize, Tracey turns to the internet for assistance in locating her true love. She unexpectedly meets Tyler Cormier on an LDS singles web site. For the first time in her life, she can finally see forever.

When Brad comes back from the past with a vengeance and threatens Tyler's life, Tracey realizes that she may never know lasting happiness. Can she ever move ahead with her life, or will the monster from the past make good on his promise to destroy her? Can she escape the ever tightening strangle hold on her life or will her one chance at finding forever love slip through her hands?

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